Welcome to DanneReed.com!

Welcome to DanneReed.com

Trust Your Crazy Ideas!

How well do you listen to your own intuition? And where are you most likely to hear it? I’ve discovered over time that some of my best, most powerful and authentic ideas come when I’m relaxed and doing some habitual task that doesn’t require much brainpower. Thus, I like to say: “A journey of a […]

I’d Do It Again!

  I’m happy to report that our fitness resort stay-cation (I’m calling it the Reed Farms Fitness Resort, or RFFR for short) was a huge success! We spent the week working out, eating healthy, working out some more, and relaxing in between (along with taking care of a few essential to-do’s around the house). By the […]

Homemade Weight Loss Resort?

  I opened a magazine recently to an article that listed some great resorts to try in 2016. One that caught my eye was a resort where you could focus intently on kick-starting your weight loss efforts, learn new fitness skills and come home with a whole new healthy outlook and lifestyle. At this resort, you could […]

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses Their Mind

“I just don’t feel like I’m fun anymore.” “I’ve lost the playful part of my personality.” “I feel like I’m always nagging my family all the time.” You know what I’m talking about. That sinking feeling you get… …after a particularly petty argument with your husband, …during a conversation with a friend who’s just returned […]

How’s Your Summer Shaping Up?

We all know how it goes… Summer is just getting started and we’re fantasizing about… …tossing together beautiful salads with fresh tomatoes from our patio garden …taking family vacations so amazing our kids thank us on the way home …looking not half-bad in a swimsuit. And then we wake up one September morning… …and we haven’t […]

It’s Not Too Late to Kickstart Your New Year!

I love the idea of arriving “fashionably late”! And it’s not just for parties anymore! I arrive fashionably late to all kinds of things, like: getting the gist of a joke, occasionally wearing the latest styles (typically, I catch on to wearing them right when they’re going out of vogue) updating my kids’  activity calendar […]

Meditation makes you sexier!

I promised to share some of the more common daily habits of successful people. This first one might surprise you: Meditation You’ve probably heard that meditation reduces stress and calms your mind. But did you know that it also makes you sexier? If you’re thinking, “Only if I wear stilettos while I’m doing it!”, stay […]

What’re You Up To Today?

Are you going to work? Attending a meeting or two? Taxiing the kids to their activities? Running errands? Doing laundry and dishes? Mowing the lawn? Watching TV? Getting the car serviced? Paying some bills? Or not paying some bills? Consider for a few moments all of the things that you want to accomplish today, all […]

Inner Guidance vs. Feedback

Whether or not to change your direction is always going to be a judgment call, but here are some tips that will help you decide whether to stay the course, or to make some changes:1. Decide to trust yourself. Trust that you are fully capable of weighing all of the options and making the right […]

Making Sh*t Up…

For example, when my husband forgot my birthday, I told myself “Forget it. You’re just not that important to him.”Or when I put on a pair of jeans that used to fit great and found them snug, I thought, “Nice going, Danne! Have fun up-sizing all your clothes since you’re just gonna get chubbier from […]

I have not felt pretty in a long time, and yesterday I felt beautiful! Thank you Danne for reminding me that life’s battles do not define who you are, making it through them does.