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Welcome! I’m Danne Reed and I’m glad you’re here!
Intrigued by the idea of adding a Sexy Little Twist to your life story?

I can help you with that!

So, let’s break this down:


Did you read this and think,

“What? Me… Sexy?”

Yep, you read that right. You. Sexy!!

Think for a moment about someone, even a fictional character from a movie,
who you find very appealing.

Got him? Or her?

Aside from “butterfly” or reactions to the purely physical, what it is
about this person that appeals so much?

Chances are, it’s one or a combination of the following:
Confidence, courage and bravery, determination, an air of conviction, quiet
strength, humor, playfulness, respect and honor, humility, kindness, wisdom or
inner-knowing, nurturing, a sense of wonder and mystery, energy and vitality, love
and affection…

I reached a point in my life when I was feeling decidedly Un-Appealing. Ever been
there? Where you just feel dull, unsure, frumpy, fearful or resentful on the inside?

If you have, then you know – it definitely DOES NOT feel Sexy.

Get To Know Danne
Danne Reed is an entrepreneur who inspires people to dust themselves off to reveal
the captivating person they’ve always been. Through her books, blog, presentations,
online programs and retreats, she helps others get reacquainted with that authentic,
fascinating, sexy person they always knew they could be, but were afraid to share
with the world.

Danne sees each person as a gift to the world and is dedicated to helping them see it,
believe it, honor and celebrate it, and ultimately share it with others.

Her philosophy is revealed in one of her favorite sayings,
“If you could see what I see in you, you’d know there’s nothing you can’t do”.

You won’t find a more genuine, authentic person than Danne. Highly trained and effective with her talent, I recommend her work. She’s the real deal!

A traditional resume would demonstrate a fairly extensive background in leadership
– corporate management, training and consulting, hospital and clinic administration,
financial advising, agricultural business ownership – but seriously, who uses those

Danne believes that how we appear on paper isn’t nearly as important as how we
see ourselves, and that what we’ve been in the past isn’t nearly as amazing as who
we’ll become.

Sound like a little twist you’d like to add to your life cocktail?

So, there’re a few things you need to know:
  • What we find appealing about others are those things we most admire in ourselves.
  • When we feel unappealing even to ourselves, we have neglected one or more of our own natural strengths.
  • We absolutely CAN become more appealing, to ourselves and to others, through honoring our own style, purpose, and deepest passions.
  • And, showing up in the world as the real you, with courage or kindness, with determination or playfulness, with wisdom, wonder or affection, is just plain SEXY!
Danne has helped me to re-energize my thinking, motivating me to pay more attention to my state of mind, and encouraging me to focus on the positive. I now realize that it’s never too late to make a fresh start for yourself. Thanks to Danne, I have the tools and inspiration for a more meaningful and rewarding life.

It’s just a Little twist, because that’s all that’s needed. You haven’t wandered far from your inner-sexiness or you wouldn’t be here. You feel the discomfort so acutely because your best life is frustratingly close.

Remember, all you’re doing is getting back to YOU, back to your true self, your innate strengths.

To do that, you make small adjustments that create BIG results in your life.

Such a great little word, and here are my 3 favorite definitions:

1. Twist – A turn in the plot of a story, novel or movie, as in a radical change in the expected direction or outcome. As in, you’re plugging along, doing your predictable thing and then suddenly, “What the hell? Did you see that? I was NOT expecting THAT!

It’s so exciting and rewarding to continually surprise ourselves with what we can do! We set out to recapture our true self and discover we’re capable of more than we ever dreamed possible. Kind of fun to keep other people guessing, too.

2. Twist – A little curl of fruit rind that decorates and flavors a cocktail (make mine a martini, thank you). It’s that little extra something that turns a dull, functional beverage into party-in-a-glass. Makes it taste better and, if you let it, brings a smile to your face.

And that’s exactly what these little changes can help you do – bring more flavor and celebration to your functional life.

3. Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, a Twist of fate – an unpredicted  occurrence with far-reaching consequences.

The significance of your decision to rediscover and honor your true self, and to live your best life, cannot possibly be foreseen or imagined. Consider for a moment the impact not only your own life, but on the lives of  everyone around you, as well as countless people you’ve not yet met, and may never meet. That’s the power and the force of you – the magic in you fulfilling your destiny.

Gives me goose-bumps just thinking about it.

You got ‘em, too?

Danne is one of the most inspiring, motivational people I have ever met in my life. Twenty years ago, Danne encouraged me to ask the girl of my dreams on a date. Today, I’m married to that same dream girl and we have 10 beautiful children. Danne’s words, example and help have always inspired me to pursue my dreams.