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Inner Guidance vs. Feedback

by danne

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Whether or not to change your direction is always going to be a judgment call, but here are some tips that will help you decide whether to stay the course, or to make some changes:1. Decide to trust yourself. Trust that you are fully capable of weighing all of the options and making the right decision.

2. Don’t take anything personally. Any and all feedback that you receive is either intended for your benefit or, if not, says more about the person doing the criticizing than it says about you. Either way, feeling low after receiving feedback is unnecessary and unhelpful.

3. Get in touch with God, your true “inner knowing” or intuition. Whether through prayer, meditation, spending time in nature, or simple quiet time, calming the noise in your head invariably leads to greater clarity and better decisions. You’ll know it’s truth if it feels joyful, loving, expansive. If it feels fearful, constrictive or diminishing, it’s not your intuition and it’s certainly not God.

4. Ask a trusted friend to listen as you talk through the options. They’ll be able to see, hear and sense through your body language, voice tone and inflection, facial expression, etc., which option lights you up and which options sap your energy. The option that fires you up is the one that’ll keep you inspired through the tough times.

5. Store all feedback, even the ideas you don’t immediately employ. If the same feedback comes up time and again from various sources, it might be worth reassessing.

6. Most importantly, keep moving, keep taking action. Don’t let confusion or indecision stall, or worse, permanently shut down, your progress. The world yearns for the gifts each of us has been given. Don’t let fear of making a mistake keep you from sharing yours. Failure only occurs when you stop trying.

Have you ever stalled out on a goal because of someone’s feedback or criticism? In the comment section below, I’d love to hear how you resolved it, or if you didn’t, share one step you’ll take today to get back on track!


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