Welcome to DanneReed.com!

Welcome to DanneReed.com

Whistle like a pro? Check!

As far as goal accomplishment goes, this one was long overdue, as I’ve envied people who could do it since I was old enough to say “cool”. And yet, until recently, I believed it was something you could just either do naturally, or not do, like being born with blue eyes or brown.

Throwing Away Millions!

It lets things into our awareness based on our beliefs. What we believe or know to be true. What we believe we can or should experience in our own life. Here’s a true story — a woman threw away a winning lottery ticket worth $1 Million. Seriously. Google it, if you don’t believe me. She […]

Kiss it Goodbye?!?

Recently, I spent a day walking around downtown Chicago. Before I left my hotel that morning, I put on my favorite bracelet, the one I had made several years ago on a weekend getaway with a good friend. As I was leaving town that evening, I realized the bracelet was no longer on my wrist. […]

I have not felt pretty in a long time, and yesterday I felt beautiful! Thank you Danne for reminding me that life’s battles do not define who you are, making it through them does.