Welcome to DanneReed.com!

Welcome to DanneReed.com

Motivation vs. Habit

Have you ever thought – I need to get motivated to get in shape… to make more money… to up-level my career or business… to improve my relationship? I’m here to tell you that motivation and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee. If you really want something to change in your life, […]

The Secret to Staying Relevant

I’m a Gen X entrepreneur and mom. Between my four kids, one is a Millennial, two are Gen Z, and the youngest is Generation Alpha. Like other Gen X’rs with a family dynamic like ours, I’ve wondered how to stay relevant in this mind-boggling, fast-changing world. And staying relevant isn’t just a quaint idea; it’s […]

When Others Don’t Believe in Your Vision

Our momentum stuttered yesterday when someone close to us chose to tell us that they don’t believe we can do what we’ve set out to do, they don’t think we can overcome this financial challenge. They let us know that they’re fully expecting us to fail. Now the common knee-jerk reaction to someone sharing a […]

Financial Triage – Stop the Bleeding

A few days ago, I shared publicly that my husband and I have $3.4 Million dollars in debt from a failed family farm business. I’ve started a YouTube Channel and Podcast to begin documenting the process of how we overcome the challenge of paying off the huge debt and once again building our net worth. […]

How to Make a Multi-Millionaire Jealous

A “wake up call”. It’s a term that’s come to mean that something you just saw, heard, felt or otherwise experienced produced an “aha” moment for you. Like, “Okay, now I get it.” And it sounds almost pleasant, doesn’t it, when it’s referred to as a wake up call? You’re lying there… the phone rings… […]

Who Challenges Your Thoughts?

I was listening to a guided meditation on Calm.com, and Tamara Levitt’s words really caught my attention (yep, that’s how I meditate). She said, “The more often our thoughts go by unchallenged, the stronger they become.” This concise sentence packs a huge punch in terms of personal growth. We know that our belief systems are […]

Finding Your “Sure Thing” as An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, the feeling of uncertainty becomes familiar. Our 8-5 workplace culture by no means ensures that you’ll have a job next week, but somehow the bi-weekly paycheck feels more secure than the ongoing “hustle” of entrepreneurship. The uncertainties of starting up a business are many: –         Will the marketplace take to the idea? […]

Is It Selfish to Pursue Your Dreams?

Have you ever held back from doing something you REALLY wanted to do because you thought it would negatively impact the people you care about? Have you postponed something you know would bring you joy and fulfillment, because you thought it would take time or money or resources away from your family? Have you ever […]

Trust Your Crazy Ideas!

How well do you listen to your own intuition? And where are you most likely to hear it? I’ve discovered over time that some of my best, most powerful and authentic ideas come when I’m relaxed and doing some habitual task that doesn’t require much brainpower. Thus, I like to say: “A journey of a […]

I’d Do It Again!

  I’m happy to report that our fitness resort stay-cation (I’m calling it the Reed Farms Fitness Resort, or RFFR for short) was a huge success! We spent the week working out, eating healthy, working out some more, and relaxing in between (along with taking care of a few essential to-do’s around the house). By the […]