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As an entrepreneur, Danne runs several businesses:

Fashionably Late Productions

It’s never too late to become the woman you always wanted to be! Through books, online programs, coaching and live events, Danne helps women transform in every area of their life — career and business, finances, personal, relationships, health and fitness — especially when they’re at their most frustrated!


ProWoRC, or Professional Women of Rural Communities, is a membership-based community of women who live and/or work in rural communities. Rather than gathering for social events based around buying jewelry or makeup or kitchen gadgets you don’t really need, how about gathering to talk about and work on the things that really matter in our lives — like career and finances and relationships and fitness and legacy? Join a ProWoRC chapter and see just how inspiring we Professional Women of Rural Communities can be!


VellaMi.com is THE online marketplace for finding a coach. Whether you’re looking for a life coach to help you through a challenge you’re experiencing, or a nutrition coach to help you adopt some healthy eating habits, or a mentor to help you make your next career transition, you’ll find the perfect coach on VellaMi.com!

If you ARE a coach, register and list your products and services on VellaMi. If you’re a consumer looking for a coach, there’s no charge to search the site, and you’ll even find some free products and services there!

Get To Know Danne
Danne Reed is an entrepreneur who inspires people to dust themselves off to reveal the captivating person they’ve always been. Through her books, blog, presentations, online programs and retreats, she helps others get reacquainted with that authentic, fascinating, sexy person they always knew they could be, but were afraid to share with the world.

Danne sees each person as a gift to the world and is dedicated to helping them see it, believe it, honor and celebrate it, and ultimately share it with others.

Her philosophy is revealed in one of her favorite sayings,
“If you could see what I see in you, you’d know there’s nothing you can’t do”.

You won’t find a more genuine, authentic person than Danne. Highly trained and effective with her talent, I recommend her work. She’s the real deal!

A traditional resume would demonstrate a fairly extensive background in leadership – corporate management, training and consulting, hospital and clinic administration, financial advising, agricultural business ownership – but seriously, who uses those anymore?

Danne believes that how we appear on paper isn’t nearly as important as how we see ourselves, and that what we’ve been in the past isn’t nearly as amazing as who we can become.

Sound like a little twist you’d like to add to your life cocktail?

“Want to launch your own business or boost an existing one?”

Danne also conducts one-on-one coaching for people looking to finally turn their passions into a money-generating business. As you can see from her background and her current endeavors, Danne has done this quite a few times in her own life, and loves to help others do the same.

If you’re ready to take some action and become the person you’re meant to be, contact us! Don’t put off another day creating a life you’ve always dreamed of!

Danne has helped me to re-energize my thinking, motivating me to pay more attention to my state of mind, and encouraging me to focus on the positive. I now realize that it’s never too late to make a fresh start for yourself. Thanks to Danne, I have the tools and inspiration for a more meaningful and rewarding life.
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Danne is one of the most inspiring, motivational people I have ever met in my life. Twenty years ago, Danne encouraged me to ask the girl of my dreams on a date. Today, I’m married to that same dream girl and we have 10 beautiful children. Danne’s words, example and help have always inspired me to pursue my dreams.