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Motivation vs. Habit

Have you ever thought – I need to get motivated to get in shape… to make more money… to up-level my career or business… to improve my relationship? I’m here to tell you that motivation and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee. If you really want something to change in your life, […]

Meditation makes you sexier!

I promised to share some of the more common daily habits of successful people. This first one might surprise you: Meditation You’ve probably heard that meditation reduces stress and calms your mind. But did you know that it also makes you sexier? If you’re thinking, “Only if I wear stilettos while I’m doing it!”, stay […]

What’re You Up To Today?

Are you going to work? Attending a meeting or two? Taxiing the kids to their activities? Running errands? Doing laundry and dishes? Mowing the lawn? Watching TV? Getting the car serviced? Paying some bills? Or not paying some bills? Consider for a few moments all of the things that you want to accomplish today, all […]