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When Others Don’t Believe in Your Vision

Our momentum stuttered yesterday when someone close to us chose to tell us that they don’t believe we can do what we’ve set out to do, they don’t think we can overcome this financial challenge. They let us know that they’re fully expecting us to fail. Now the common knee-jerk reaction to someone sharing a […]

Financial Triage – Stop the Bleeding

A few days ago, I shared publicly that my husband and I have $3.4 Million dollars in debt from a failed family farm business. I’ve started a YouTube Channel and Podcast to begin documenting the process of how we overcome the challenge of paying off the huge debt and once again building our net worth. […]

How to Make a Multi-Millionaire Jealous

A “wake up call”. It’s a term that’s come to mean that something you just saw, heard, felt or otherwise experienced produced an “aha” moment for you. Like, “Okay, now I get it.” And it sounds almost pleasant, doesn’t it, when it’s referred to as a wake up call? You’re lying there… the phone rings… […]

Who Challenges Your Thoughts?

I was listening to a guided meditation on Calm.com, and Tamara Levitt’s words really caught my attention (yep, that’s how I meditate). She said, “The more often our thoughts go by unchallenged, the stronger they become.” This concise sentence packs a huge punch in terms of personal growth. We know that our belief systems are […]