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How to Make a Multi-Millionaire Jealous

A “wake up call”. It’s a term that’s come to mean that something you just saw, heard, felt or otherwise experienced produced an “aha” moment for you. Like, “Okay, now I get it.” And it sounds almost pleasant, doesn’t it, when it’s referred to as a wake up call? You’re lying there… the phone rings… […]

Homemade Weight Loss Resort?

  I opened a magazine recently to an article that listed some great resorts to try in 2016. One that caught my eye was a resort where you could focus intently on kick-starting your weight loss efforts, learn new fitness skills and come home with a whole new healthy outlook and lifestyle. At this resort, you could […]

It’s Not Too Late to Kickstart Your New Year!

I love the idea of arriving “fashionably late”! And it’s not just for parties anymore! I arrive fashionably late to all kinds of things, like: getting the gist of a joke, occasionally wearing the latest styles (typically, I catch on to wearing them right when they’re going out of vogue) updating my kids’  activity calendar […]