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Trust Your Crazy Ideas!

How well do you listen to your own intuition? And where are you most likely to hear it? I’ve discovered over time that some of my best, most powerful and authentic ideas come when I’m relaxed and doing some habitual task that doesn’t require much brainpower. Thus, I like to say: “A journey of a […]

Meditation makes you sexier!

I promised to share some of the more common daily habits of successful people. This first one might surprise you: Meditation You’ve probably heard that meditation reduces stress and calms your mind. But did you know that it also makes you sexier? If you’re thinking, “Only if I wear stilettos while I’m doing it!”, stay […]

Inner Guidance vs. Feedback

Whether or not to change your direction is always going to be a judgment call, but here are some tips that will help you decide whether to stay the course, or to make some changes:1. Decide to trust yourself. Trust that you are fully capable of weighing all of the options and making the right […]