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Want to catch Danne live? As an author, entrepreneur and CEO of several companies, including VellaMi.com, Fashionably Late Productions, and ProWoRC (Professional Women of Rural Communities), odds are good you can see her live on stage somewhere near you, either as a guest at someone else’s event or hosting her own.

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Join Danne and the Fashionably Late Productions Team as they tour Alberta, Canada with Inspirational Comedian Carla White for the amazing Reignite Your Spark Tour, full of laughing and learning! From the fast-selling live performance – Shut the F*@k Up: Confessions of a Mad Wife and Bad Mom!, to Coffees with Carla & Danne; Reignite Your Spark Happy Hours; and Lunch, Laugh and Learns, you’re sure to find something to love!

Fashionably Late Live! A fun retreat-style weekend to renew, refresh, and revitalize yourself and your dreams! You’ll get rid of what’s been holding you back from having the career, the relationships, the finances, the energy and fitness you’ve always dreamed of having!


Elite Coach Live! Presented by VellaMi

Are you a coach, mentor, trainer or speaker, trying to grow your business? Elite Coach Live! is a 3-day intensive event where you’ll come away with a solid plan for growing your business. From marketing and sales, to getting your book published, to setting up a membership platform, to getting paid speaking gigs — Elite Coach Live! will help you skyrocket your results!

Do you live and/or work in a rural community? Are your only social opportunities centered around getting together at your girlfriends’ homes to purchase jewelry, kitchen gadgets or other items you don’t need?

How about getting your friends together to have fun and focus on things that really matter to you! Join ProWoRC, where our mission is to Encourage and Educate, Inspire and Celebrate Professional Women of Rural Communities!

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