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Finding Your “Sure Thing” as An Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur, the feeling of uncertainty becomes familiar. Our 8-5 workplace culture by no means ensures that you’ll have a job next week, but somehow the bi-weekly paycheck feels more secure than the ongoing “hustle” of entrepreneurship.

The uncertainties of starting up a business are many:

         Will the marketplace take to the idea?

         Will it grow fast enough to provide funds for needed expansion?

         Will it grow slow and steady enough that our systems won’t be overwhelmed?

         Will we be able to find new capital when we need it?

         Will we be able to find the right partners, suppliers, contractors and employees when we need them, and will we be able to afford them when we need them?

         Will a competitor jump in and render us irrelevant or obsolete?

         What are the worst things that could happen and are we covered for them?

These questions and more keep many an entrepreneur up at night when they should be getting some much-needed sleep. As soon as one problem has been solved, another one seems to be waiting in the wings to take its place in the “Urgent” column of the To-Do list.

So how do you thrive with all the uncertainty that could potentially consume your thoughts and make you ineffective during your work day?

Spend a few minutes focusing on what IS certain. What do you know for sure? Using the questions listed above:

         If the marketplace doesn’t take to your initial idea, will you continue to evolve your products and services until it meets the needs of your audience?

         If your business doesn’t grow quickly, will you find ways to reduce costs like trading services your company offers for services your company needs?

         Will you consider scalability as you’re developing your systems in anticipation of sudden growth?

         Will you start cultivating a network of people early so that when you need partners, suppliers, employees and capital, you already know to whom to reach out?

         Will you put plans in place to deal with worst-case scenarios that come up?

Ultimately, starting up a business can bring tons of stress, with more questions than answers, and boatloads of action items yet to be completed. When unpredictability threatens to overwhelm you, remind yourself of what you’re willing to do to bring your business to fruition. In a lifestyle full of risk, look to persistence and dedication as your source of certainty. Your commitment will always be your “sure thing”.

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