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Kiss it Goodbye?!?

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Recently, I spent a day walking around downtown Chicago. Before I left my hotel that morning, I put on my favorite bracelet, the one I had made several years ago on a weekend getaway with a good friend.

As I was leaving town that evening, I realized the bracelet was no longer on my wrist. I literally started to cry (yep, over a bracelet — only a smidgeon embarrassed to admit it). I thought about all the places I had been that day — Magnificent Mile and Art Institute museum, among others. I knew there was no possible way to go back and find it.

I drove in silence for the next half-hour, absolutely heart-broken (yes, pouting) over the loss of that bracelet, which was for me more a symbol of friendship than a piece of jewelry.

Gradually, I came to realize that since there was no way to get the bracelet back, the only thing I could do was change the way I was thinking and feeling about it.

I gathered up all the generosity and goodwill I could muster at the time and mentally gave that bracelet away. I pictured someone finding it on the sidewalk and instantly recognizing how special it was. I wished the new owner happiness and excitement over their newfound treasure, and hoped that they were blessed with a friendship as true and lasting as the one that bracelet represented for me.

I kissed it goodbye.

Imagine the look on my face two days later when I dumped my purse and that bracelet fell out.

Is there something in your life that needs to be kissed goodbye?

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  1. web Page Reply May 6, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    I could not resist commenting. Very well written!


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