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Homemade Weight Loss Resort?

by danne

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I opened a magazine recently to an article that listed some great resorts to try in 2016.

One that caught my eye was a resort where you could focus intently on kick-starting your weight loss efforts, learn new fitness skills and come home with a whole new healthy outlook and lifestyle. At this resort, you could spend a full week eating a controlled-calorie daily diet of healthy meals and snacks, while working out extensively throughout each day, and enjoying some relaxation in between workouts such as spa treatments, guided meditations and walks in nature.

Wow! This seemed like the solution that my husband and I had been looking for. We’re both wanting to give our fitness level a boost and shed a few unwanted pounds, and I love the idea of immersing myself into a goal. To get a running start, so to speak.

My next thought was that we couldn’t possibly both take a week-long vacation at the same time. What would we do with the kids; never mind the challenge of clearing schedules for a full week for a quick getaway. We’d have to plan a year in advance to pull that off. And the price tag for both of us for a full week was a tad squirm-inducing.

Cue Danne’s latest crazy idea (my husband’s learned to brace himself when I get that look in my eyes):

What if we could stay at home and simply PRETEND that we were at a fitness resort? Like a “stay-cation”. With a twist of fitness resort thrown in.

My husband’s humoring me, so beginning tomorrow morning, we’re officially on “fitness resort stay-cation”. We’ve enlisted the help of our oldest son as Personal Chef AND Trainer (he’s gifted at both), so we have a week of healthy meals and snacks planned out (hubby’s doing 2000 calories a day; I’m doing 1600). We have our workout routine scheduled as well — 60 minutes of strength training (on our home gym equipment), 60 minutes of cardio (jump rope, jogging, etc.), 45 minutes of swimming (at the local public indoor pool), plus walking each weekday, with a “light” version on Saturday and Sunday (due to those pesky prior commitments).  In between workouts, and when we’re not doing our normal “parenting” stuff (laundry, kid taxi service, etc.), we’ll squeeze in a few homemade spa-type activities (salt bath, foot massage, etc), and some meditation/prayer time.

Piece of cake, right? Er… piece of gluten-free cornbread, right?

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know…


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