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It’s Not Too Late to Kickstart Your New Year!

by danne

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I love the idea of arriving “fashionably late”! And it’s not just for parties anymore!

I arrive fashionably late to all kinds of things, like:

  • getting the gist of a joke, occasionally
  • wearing the latest styles (typically, I catch on to wearing them right when they’re going out of vogue)
  • updating my kids’  activity calendar (an action sometimes triggered by a friendly reminder as I’m dropping my daughter off for preschool that it’s her turn to bring snacks, followed by a frantic roundtrip to the grocery store and back again before snack time)

Okay, so I’m a work in progress.

There are times, however, when arriving fashionably late is even better than being early or on time. And setting goals for the New Year is one of them. Personally, I just can’t fully get into thinking about my plans for the next year during December. In the last couple of weeks of the year, my mind is predominantly on creating the space and environment where I, my family and my friends can make new memories during the holiday season.

So if you’re just now thinking about what you want to do this year, Congratulations! Your timing is impeccable!

Here’s an exercise to help you get started:

1. Bring a laptop, iPad or some paper and pen to a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted for 15 minutes or longer (all you Moms and Dads out there who laughed out loud at that, just do what you can!)

2. Imagine it’s the first week of January 2016 and the Year 2015 has gone EXACTLY how you hoped it would. Within the space of one year, you’ve managed to accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish, and you’re now SO happy with where you are in your life. You’ve definitely pulled together a great life for yourself this past year, and you’re looking forward to what you’ll create in 2016. You’re feeling confident, peaceful and fulfilled.

3. Ask yourself the following questions, and type or write down your answers:

  • What kind of work are you doing? Do you have the same job that you had last year at this time? What is it about your work that makes it so enjoyable and fulfilling? How are your relationships with your co-workers, bosses, employees? What is your work environment like? What is your compensation like?
  • How much money did you make this past year? Where did that money come from? Your job? A business? How much money do you have in the bank? What is your net worth? Do you have debt? If so, what kind – credit cards, vehicles, home, business, etc. — and how much?
  • Think about the spaces where you spend time – your home, your office, your vehicle. What does your home look like? Is it the same place you were living last year at this time? If not, where are you living? If so, does it look the same as last year, or is it different and how? Is it less cluttered? Furnished differently? Decorated differently? How about your working environment, your office or desk? How has it changed in the past year? How about your car? Are you maintaining it and keeping it clean? How do you feel when you get in it?
  • How much free time have you created for yourself? What are you doing in your free time? With whom do you spend your recreation time? What hobbies are you pursuing, if any? What do you do for fun? What kinds of vacations are you taking and with whom?
  • How is your health? Are you free of illness? Are you relaxed and stress-free? How is your energy level? Are you strong and flexible? How do your clothes fit you and what kind of clothes are they? Are you exercising regularly? What kind of exercise and how frequently? What are you eating? Are you sleeping well? Staying hydrated? Did you participate in a 10K or other athletic event this past year?
  • How are your relationships with others? Family members? Friends? Who are you spending time with and what are you doing together? What are the characteristics of those relationships? Are your relationships mutually supportive and uplifting?
  • How about your personal growth? Have you learned any new skills over the past year? In what ways have you grown mentally and spiritually and how is that happening? Have you picked up a new hobby like playing an instrument or painting or restoring a classic car? Are you meditating regularly, attending church services, learning about a certain faith?
  • What are you doing to give back? Are you doing charitable or volunteer work? If so, what specifically are you doing? How are you using your gifts to serve others and make a difference? How often do you do this? Who are you helping and inspiring? How does it impact them?

4. Reviewing your answers to these questions, develop a minimum of 1 goal in each of the following life areas:

  • Career
  • Finances
  • Physical Environment
  • Recreation and Free Time
  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Contribution

5. Write these goals down and review them each day, along with your answers to the questions above, staying open to any inspirations that arise from them.

Congratulations! You’re on track for an amazing year of making your dreams come true!

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