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How to Make a Multi-Millionaire Jealous

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A “wake up call”. It’s a term that’s come to mean that something you just saw, heard, felt or otherwise experienced produced an “aha” moment for you. Like, “Okay, now I get it.” And it sounds almost pleasant, doesn’t it, when it’s referred to as a wake up call? You’re lying there… the phone rings… “Good morning, Ms. Reed. This is your wake up call. Have a lovely day.”

Unfortunately, I tend to ignore wake up calls until they turn into wake up slaps. Have you ever had one? Rather than the pleasant “aha” moment, you get the jolt that knocks you back a few steps and you’re more like, “Crap, I should’ve seen that one coming!”.

Gary Vaynerchuk gave me a wake up slap this weekend. Not literally, of course, but through something he said in a podcast I was listening to. He spoke about secretly wishing he’d lose all of his money, because then he’d have to make it all back again. Overcoming the challenge would give him the opportunity to remind himself of what he’s capable of, to remind himself of WHO he IS.

Slapped. Me. In the FACE!

Here’s my truth – my husband and I are $3.4 Million in debt at this moment, from a failed family farm business that we tried to save for a few years longer than we should have. Over the past year, we’ve examined this truth from every angle imaginable. We’ve struggled with the enormity of it, dived deep to extract the lessons from it, acknowledged the successes in it, laid awake at night tossing and turning and stressing and arguing over it, planned and strategized and agonized about how the hell to recover from it, blamed and shamed and “should have’d” on it and ultimately took 100% responsibility for it.

But the one angle I missed up until that moment was to celebrate the ever-living shit out of it. To really and truly own and rejoice in the sheer opportunity of it. Sure, I had framed and reframed and re-reframed it in my head to see it positively and optimistically. Like, “it had to happen this way” and “there are tremendous life lessons in this”, and “how we respond to this setback is the critical thing now” and “this is one seriously character-building problem to solve”.

But somehow those frames never really had the impact that Vaynerchuk’s words did. Basically, what he was saying in that statement was that he would trade places with me. He’s a multi-millionaire several times over and there’s a little part of him that would love to be in the shoes I’m standing in right now. Because I have the opportunity to remind myself what I’m truly capable of.

For me? This is exactly the “slap” that I needed in order to wrap my head around the challenge, and I’m taking action before the slap becomes a throat punch.

Step One – Own. My. Shit. Out. Loud.

So this is me (with insanely-courageous agreement from my husband) owning it out loud: We’re $3.4 Million in debt.

Step Two – Declare My Intention. We’re going to make $3.4 Million, repay the debt and celebrate like MAD when our net worth is – wonderfully, gratefully, gloriously – back to $0. Then we’ll hunker back down and continue to hustle until we’ve recovered our original net worth, plus a comfortable cushion – $6.6 Million (exactly $10 Million or 8-figures from where we started).

Follow me if you want to see how we do it (I’m as curious about that as you are)!

So here are my questions for you. What do you need to own – out loud – and what is your intention? What RIDICULOUSLY OVERWHELMING challenge are you facing right now, and how could it potentially be the best thing that EVER happened to you? In what way could it remind you, once and for all, of who YOU are?

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