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Making Sh*t Up…

by danne

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For example, when my husband forgot my birthday, I told myself “Forget it. You’re just not that important to him.”Or when I put on a pair of jeans that used to fit great and found them snug, I thought, “Nice going, Danne! Have fun up-sizing all your clothes since you’re just gonna get chubbier from now on.”

Or when I received a rejection letter from a literary agent, “Stupid dreamer. You’re never going to get a book published; no one wants to read what you write.”

But then I learned about how each of those responses was make-believe, completely fabricated in my own head. I became aware that I was, you know… making shit up.

So, it got me to thinking… If it’s my story anyway, why not make it fabulous? What if I simply told myself a better story?

When my husband forgets my birthday, I can change the story to “So he forgot. That doesn’t say anything about me or how he feels about me.” And next year, I’ll send his ass a text alert everyday for a week before my birthday. Won’t that be a hoot!

When my jeans don’t fit, I can think, “Great job, girlfriend! You’ve just discovered your maximum comfortable weight by exceeding it! Now let’s get busy and drop a couple of pounds.”

Or when I get a rejection letter, “Great feedback! Tweak it and send it back, or find an agent that’s a better fit for you. Next!”

Think of it this way — if the unexpected or disappointing event happened to a close friend or your kid, would you tell them that mean story you’re telling yourself? Doubt it! So why not treat yourself like a close friend?

Have you been a mean storyteller? If you feel anything other than fabulous most of the time, maybe it’s a simple matter of creating new plot twists in your head. Go on and have fun with it! After all, it’s your story!

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