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Meditation makes you sexier!

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I promised to share some of the more common daily habits of successful people. This first one might surprise you:


You’ve probably heard that meditation reduces stress and calms your mind. But did you know that it also makes you sexier? If you’re thinking, “Only if I wear stilettos while I’m doing it!”, stay with me for a moment. Meditation does make you sexier, regardless of what you wear, and I’ll explain how.

Meditating gives you the following benefits:

  • Increases serotonin production, improving your mood
  • Decreases anxiety, stress and tension-related pain
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Improves your immune system
  • Increases your energy level
  • Improves your emotional stability
  • Increases your creativity and happiness
  • Develops your intuition
  • Sharpens your mind through improved focus

Imagine yourself for a moment in the opposite state  — stressed out, with a tension headache, in a bad mood, catching colds and viruses all the time, feeling fatigued and lethargic, being ecstatic one moment and depressed the next, lacking creativity and happiness and focus. Pretty unattractive, isn’t it?

Where meditation affects your “sexy” factor the most, however, is in cultivating your relationship with yourself and with God (or love, universal spirit, creative source — whichever term you’re comfortable using for that pure energy and power that connects us all).

For any of you who are cringing right now at my mention of God and sexy in the same sentence, let’s revisit what sexy truly is. Each of us has our own opinion of what’s visually appealing. However, we generally agree that a truly attractive person, a person who tends to get noticed when they walk into a room, has some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Confidence – they know who they are, and what they’re about
  • Sense of Humor and Playfulness – they don’t take themselves too seriously
  • Courage – even when afraid, they’ll do the right thing
  • Strength and Determination – the grit to see things through, especially when it gets tough
  • Love and Affection – they appreciate the good in others and aren’t afraid to show it

When felt on the inside, these characteristics just naturally show through to others. It’s what being “transparent” means. People easily get a sense of us before we even speak. If you’ve ever tried “faking” confidence, or any of these other characteristics, and we all have at some point, you know what I mean. You can get close, but it’s just not as convincing as the real thing.

Through meditation, we come to really know and appreciate our own uniqueness, talents, and gifts. We get in touch with what we love, what we’re passionate about, what’s important to us. Through quieting our minds, we block out external chatter, or OPE’s (other people’s expectations), and more clearly hear the calling of our soul. This is the root, the very heart and essence of confidence and courage and determination and love. We become knowledgeable about, and comfortable with, and appreciative of who we truly are. And we more fully understand how we fit into the overall picture of humanity (our contribution to the world).

Pretty sexy, yes? (Stilettos totally optional!)

If you already meditate, regularly or sporadically, make use of this fresh perspective by considering how meditation has made you more appealing to others. Make a study of it – how do people react to you on days you meditate vs. days you skip it?

If, however, you’ve never meditated, and the mere mention of meditation makes you think of bald dudes in orange robes, ease into it by checking out this great little meditation website: www.Calm.com. Start with a guided meditation for 10, 5, or even 2 minutes a day. Try it for 5 days and let me know how it goes.

Share your experience in the comments below. How has meditation made you feel differently on the inside? In what ways has it affected how others interact with you?

Don’t miss my next post for an equally surprising daily habit used by successful people! Until next time, give your life a Sexy Little Twist by getting in touch with the real You through meditation!


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