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Whistle like a pro? Check!

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As far as goal accomplishment goes, this one was long overdue, as I’ve envied people who could do it since I was old enough to say “cool”. And yet, until recently, I believed it was something you could just either do naturally, or not do, like being born with blue eyes or brown.

I’ve learned to question my long-held beliefs about… well, about everything, actually. If a belief is too wimpy to stand up to a little scrutiny, who needs it?

I’m having fun throwing off a bunch of old “can’t’s” to allow space for my new “can’s”. Some things I’m moving from my dwindling “can’t” list to my ever-expanding “can” list:

  • Publish a book
  • Afford my dream home
  • Take my family to New York to visit some friends I haven’t seen in years


And just think, when we get to New York, I’ll be able to whistle for a cab. How’s that for cool?

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