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Who Challenges Your Thoughts?

by danne

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I was listening to a guided meditation on Calm.com, and Tamara Levitt’s words really caught my attention (yep, that’s how I meditate). She said,

“The more often our thoughts go by unchallenged, the stronger they become.”

This concise sentence packs a huge punch in terms of personal growth. We know that our belief systems are formed from our thoughts and anchored with our emotions. This begins in childhood and continues unabated throughout our lives until we learn about awareness and start to question these beliefs.

“Is it true that I can’t manage money?”

“Am I truly doomed to being overweight my whole life because of eating habits I grew up with?”

“Are healthy relationships really only for other people, or is it possible that I could create that in my life?”

The problem? These beliefs are often buried SO deep in our psyche and are anchored SO intensely by a lifetime of “proof”, that we often don’t even realize we have them, even after we learn about awareness. So the challenge, the Catch 22 if you will, is how to become aware of something of which you’re not aware. It’s a conundrum.

Now, I’ve learned enough about awareness to know that it’s a problem that CAN be solved without external help. You CAN learn to be aware enough of your own emotional and mental state to pause and ask “Why am I feeling so crappy?”, thus initiating an introspection that ultimately reveals the source of the disempowering belief (what I call Passion Assassins).

However, if you’re an Entrepreneur, you need a quick, effective method in order to avoid wasting resources. The answer is to give a trusted friend, partner or mentor carte blanche to call you on your B.S. Pick someone who always has your back but can be honest with you, and let them know you’re relying on them to point it out when you’re holding yourself back or letting fear do the driving.

The other hidden gem in Tamara’s statement is that no one will know your thoughts if you’re keeping them to yourself. Being an Entrepreneur also requires “putting yourself out there”. Every. Single. Day.

So two questions for you,

  1.  How often are you playing full out by putting yourself out there and SHOWING UP? And…
  2.  Who do you allow to challenge your thoughts?

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